J. Elizabeth Portraiture | Wardrobe

Family Portrait Wardrobe Suggestions

  1. Always choose outfits that are classic and timeless
  2. Darker, solid colors look best on adults such as, navy blue, maroon, dark purple and grey. Yellow can work sometimes, as well.
  3. Beach portraits: greens, blues and turquoise are always nice
  4. Nice jeans or solid colored pants
  5. Nice skirts, blouses, sweaters and dresses for Mom
  6. Button down shirts or simple, solid color, long-sleeved or t-shirts for Dad

*Pinterest is a great tool to help with deciding on your wardrobe. Also, feel free to lay out your clothing, snap a picture and send to us for an extra opinion. We love helping with wardrobe options, in fact, we prefer to : )


Tips on Your Style


Pick clothing that flatters your body type and you feel comfortable in

Outfit styles and colors that coordinate with all other family members

Solid colors look best on adults 

Make sure your clothes are pressed and wrinkle free

Have clean shoes

Beach shoots: prepare to go barefoot and have toe nails cleaned and trimmed

Men: if you plan on getting a hair cut, please do so 1 week prior to your session. This will give your hair time to grow in a bit

Men: please make sure your nails are trimmed and clean

Women: please keep your makeup is natural and timeless. Go a little heavier than everyday but don't overdo it.

Women: make sure your nails are trimmed and evenly painted. Clear nail polish works great, as well!

Women: Have your hair styled before the session


Babies and Kids:

  • Go for textures and layers
  • Keep them comfortable and in properly sized outfits
  • Use fun accessories to show off their personality 
  • Bloomers or leggings under dresses
  • Beach shoots: prepare to have them barefoot 
  • Clean faces, eyes, noses and teeth



  • Big white sneakers
  • Shorts on adults, as they aren't as flattering
  • See-through clothing
  • Logos, graphics and busy prints
  • Everyone wearing the SAME color
  • Baggy clothing 
  • Formal or business casual attire unless spoken about beforehand
  • Wrinkles
  • Worn out or faded clothing
  • Thin straps on little girl's shirts and dresses or low cut necklines
  • Collared shirts for the young ones, as the collars tend to hide their faces : )


Session Preparation

  • Make sure your children are well-rested, well-fed and ready to play and have some fun
  • A snack before the session is always a great idea, as during will often lead to messy faces and great distractions
  • One week prior to your session, make sure to talk to your children about it and tell them how much fun we are going to have
  • Bring a favorite toy or blanket
  • Bring an extra outfit just in case

Be prepared to allow them to misbehave a little