J. Elizabeth Portraiture | Newborn/Family Wardrobe

Newborn/Family Portrait Wardrobe Suggestions

  • ​Choose something that is soft, simple and comfortable. 
  • For moms and siblings (if present): light neutral tones such as creams, whites, beiges, pale pinks and blues, and grays
  • For dads: a casual, wrinkle-free gray or white shirt with pants or nice jeans works perfectly

*Pinterest is a great tool to help with deciding on your wardrobe. Also, feel free to lay out your clothing, snap a picture and send to us for an extra opinion. We love helping with wardrobe options, in fact, we prefer to : )


Session Preparation

  • ​Be prepared to feed your baby as often as they need to but we love nice full bellies for the photographs so it's best to try to wait until right before the session to plan on feeding him/her. If they need to eat beforehand, try to make it a small amount so that they are ready to eat again right before we begin.
  • ​For the morning of your session: it helps if your baby is kept more awake and stimulated, so they are tired and cozy upon their session
  • Giving your new baby a gentle bath before the session helps tremendously 
  • If siblings are present for pictures, it's best to have them there for either the beginning or end of the session and not the entire session. This helps create a more calm environment without any distractions. I recommend having dad take them for a walk or ride somewhere.


What You Need

  • ​Have your newborn dressed in something that is easy to remove so that we can start right away if he/she is asleep
  • ​Have on hand: solid onesies, cloth diapers or diaper covers/bloomers, simple hats, headbands and something special from the nursery such as a family heirloom or anything to make it personal for you and your new family
  • Clean manicured hands and nails, as parents are sometimes used as props
  • Wedding ring and bands
  • Pacifiers
  • Newborn sessions can last up to 2 hours so have a little something to eat, on hand.